Saturday, July 31, 2010

bike clinic

drivetrain & gears
the first bicycles had a single gear-good for riding on the flat but hard going up hills. gears can make all the difference to whether your bike ride is easy or difficult. understanding your gearing system will help you improve your cycling efficiency.
drivetrain care
clean chain with chain scrubber/toothbrush once a week - 5 minutes
clean cassette - once a week - 15 minutes
clean rear derailleur - once a week - 15minutes
clean front derailleur - once a week - 5 minutes
clean hub gear - once a month - 10 seconds
take entire drivetrain apart for deep cleaning & lubricating - once a month - 30 minutes

your bike is not going to get very far without these vital pieces of equipment. as with frames, the lighter and stronger the wheels are on your bike, the faster you will go. a little bit of maintenance of the wheels will give you a smoother ride.
wheel maintenance
clean rims, hubs & spokes - once a week - 5 minutes
check alignment - once a week - 30 seconds
take skewers out to clean & lubricate - once a month - 3 minutes
true your wheels (if you know) - when misaligned - 30 minutes++

frames & forks
the frames and forks are the heart of your bike. the material they are made out of, the angles of their design and the quality of the joins have more of an effect on the way your bike rides than any other component.
frame care
wipe frame clean - every 3 days - 2 minutes
check frame & fork for damage - after a crash - 3/5 minutes

bike technology
maintaining a well-running bike is part of the enjoyment of cycling. it is easy to forget to look after your bike. they are so well-designed and engineered that it is possible to run them for long periods without maintenance or even cleaning. however, failing to look after your machine could lead to breakages, inefficient running and possibly even crashes. if you do a few small jobs regularly, some every time you ride, some on a weekly basis, some once a month, your bike will continue to run as well as it did when it was new.

free bike fitting & consultation

bike breakdown in putrajaya, 24hrs service
wann @ 010 3442 424

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

no pain no gain

fraser hill's horror

jim thompson trail visit

The machines
The XLians
Secret tuning
Jai, Old Parr, Captain Foad, me & Hj Baha at the 1st stop
XLs & Ms get together
Our 2nd stop
Post Menson break
Post Menson
Lunch hour
Wak Jumali's 2nd lunch
Heading home
The finishers : Hj Zakir, Capt Foad, Black, Abg Ngah, Sundar, Old Parr, Hj Baha, Jai, me, Mamoo, Din China & Alif

Friday, July 23, 2010

bike introduction


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bike service

full bike service - rm50 only

what are they?
bike wash
tires-check wear & pressure
pedals-remove & grease
brakes-check wear
bottom bracket-remove & grease
hubs-check for play & tighten
headset-check for play & tighten
crankset-remove & grease
chain-degrease, lubricate & check wear
derailleurs-shifting adjustment
dropout/hanger adjustment
wheel truing

other services
component installation - rm15
hydraulic brake bleeding - rm40
bike build - rm50

Monday, July 19, 2010

2009 century ride

"today is the day where men are separated from the boys"
Led by Ice Cube & few MKH guys to attempt breakaway...
Camera guys forced me to hang at their car, I refused at first but...well...
Old Parr is topping up, right time to attack...
Breakaway attempt...
Me at last Century Ride

Saturday, July 17, 2010